The last time I visited Tony Kuzniewski, S.J. (aka Fr. K) at Campion Center before his death in 2016, I realized that in all likelihood it would be our final meeting and I was doing my best to monitor my emotions.

In the late 70s, Tony and I were in theology studies in Chicago where we lived in a lively community of 12. It was a special time of brotherhood as we all were preparing for ordination. Many years later, when I came to Holy Cross as president, Tony was a member of the Ciampi Jesuit community, and again our friendship flourished. Tony was a generous and faithful brother to me, who knew well the blessings and challenges of the College and always was there for me with encouragement and support. Little did he know that in our conversation that afternoon in the infirmary, he would give me the most important gift of all.

As I was about to leave, Tony asked for my blessing, and when I finished, he said with enthusiasm, “You know, Phil, I can’t wait to see our loving God face to face.”  That simple message of deep faith summarized his whole life: living to see God face to face. Tony had given his life for God’s people out of his deep love for Jesus, and now he was approaching death not in sadness but in an assured quiet joy. I have never forgotten his faith-filled excitement, nor could he have given me more reason to live in Easter hope.

Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J.