Just as the Israelites questioned Moses, at times I have similarly questioned God’s intentions. One moment in particular stands out to me.

In 2010, I was driving with my sister from Las Vegas to Washington state for the Thanksgiving holiday. I was looking forward to seeing family and friends — especially my friend, Fr. Roger Gillis. Earlier that year Roger had been diagnosed with cancer and was in hospice care in West Seattle. Unfortunately, our plans to meet the Tuesday before Thanksgiving were cancelled when Seattle was hit by the biggest snowstorm in years. Knowing Roger was in his final days, I was disappointed that I lost my chance to say a final goodbye to my good friend.

After spending a wonderful holiday with family and friends in Seattle, we began our drive back the day after Thanksgiving. Not long into our journey home, we encountered car trouble that took us back to my parent’s house. Frustrated and angry that we were delayed, we began to make alternate plans to get home.

What I could not initially see is that this “annoying” delay would give me the opportunity to see Roger one last time. The day I finally arrived back in Vegas was the day Roger passed away. Had we not had the car trouble, I would have missed my chance to say a final goodbye. In looking back on the events of that trip, I realize that God sometimes has a way of making things work out as they should, even when a situation initially leads to feelings of despair.

Patricia Ring