Bill Doyle ’85
ND Parent
Director, Regional Development

There is so much love, comfort, and hope in today’s short but powerful gospel reading. Like so much of Jesus’s words, all we have to do is hear them, absorb them, trust them, and through them, live anew.

“My sheep hear my voice, I know them.”

God knows us. Not just us as a collective whole of humanity but as each person, each individual. He knows me. He knows you. Each of us is the one sheep that God longs to have at home.

“No one can take them out of my hand.”

We are each God’s beloved sons and daughters. No one can take God away from us. Like a mother or father holding on to their child in a crowd, he never lets go of us. Indeed when the rush is tremendous, he holds us the tightest, drawing us closest.

Today we celebrate Mothers Day. It is that special day when we honor and remember those women in our lives who have made God’s love for us a reality. They brought us into this world, loved us, and helped shape us as we live our lives.

For my mother and all those with mother figures who are still with us, know you are loved. Happy Mother’s Day. For my wife’s mother and all those with mother figures who have passed away, know you are loved and missed. Happy Mother’s Day. Your memory is a blessing now and always.

Notre Dame, Our Mother, tender, strong and true, pray for us.