Bruce Breslau
ND Parent

In ancient times, people considered tragedy as God’s way of punishing wickedness, but our Lord is merciful and patient. God is not vengeful when we disobey. We are given time. Our sinfulness separates us from God and often leads us to bear no fruit. Sometimes we need to “cultivate our ground” with thoughtful prayer, reflection, and time in silence with God.

One way our Lord has provided us with to “fertilize” the garden of our hearts is the beautiful sacrament of confession. A chance for us to renew our relationship with the Lord and receive his mercy, confession strengthens us against the evil we encounter in our daily lives.

Not being the best gardener myself, I can relate to the gardener asking for more time to allow the fig tree to bear good fruit. I also know that I have been that fig tree many times during my life. Broken, separated from God and goodness. God always welcomes me back like the prodigal son showing compassion, understanding, and love.

In this Lenten season, let us turn to our merciful God and renew our relationship. God is always waiting for us, ready to respond. Our response to this loving invitation is what we need to act on, not only during Lent, but throughout the journey of life.