Nathan Elliot ’99
Director, Residential Life

There are critical moments in our lives when we make decisions that forever change us. Sometimes we can anticipate these moments—like getting married or switching jobs. Other times they are unexpected—like the Apostles being approached by a stranger on the beach after a long night of fishing.

Peter, James, and John answered Jesus’ call and were never the same. Not surprisingly, once they made the big decision to follow Jesus, there were many follow-up decisions they made each day to continue answering Jesus’ call.

The same is true for us.

Many of us have experienced the big moment when, like the Apostles, we hear God’s call and answer it. After that, we, too, are faced with choices each day that can bring us closer to God and the call God has placed on our lives. Most of the time, these decisions are not dramatic or groundbreaking. They are made quietly and consistently living out our values in our daily commitments and responsibilities.

There will be times we fail, but the invitation to become closer in relationship with God always stands. There will be times when God’s intentions for us may not be easy but, ultimately, lead to purpose and service to others.

This call in our lives is unique to the person, but what is universal, as was true for Peter, James, and John, is Jesus’ love for us and his desire to be involved in every step of the plan God has made.

As we reflect on the gospel for today, may we ponder the moment when Jesus has called us. How have we responded in the past, and, more importantly, how will we respond today?