Christie Hillsman ’15

Expectation: it can be the thief of joy, the root of all heartache, and the mother of all frustration. No doubt the people in the synagogue in today’s reading would agree with these descriptions.

According to Jesus, their long wait was over. Jesus had come to rule and redeem the Jewish people. Surely, they expected, the Messiah would work miracles in his hometown among his friends and neighbors. After all, he had performed miracles for the Gentiles. Wouldn’t Jesus do the same for his fellow Jews in Nazareth, if not more? I can sympathize with the people in the synagogue and their frustration when Jesus squashed their expectations.

It’s such a human tendency to expect a reward for remaining close to God or for what we deem good behavior. How often have I prayed for a specific outcome and expected that because I believe I put in enough time and effort, God will provide me with what I’ve requested?

Today’s reading reminds us to be humble and not impose expectations on God. God has a bigger plan than anything we can imagine. While we may not be instantly gratified with rewards here on earth, our faith tells us God is good. Our reward will be great in heaven if we are faithful to carry out his will of love to the best of our abilities.