Reflection – January 2, 2022


Fr. Matt Kuczora, C.S.C. ’05, ’11 M.Div., ’23 JD

At 8 p.m. on March 31, 1880, Wabash, Indiana became the first electrically lighted city in the world. As a Hoosier, I love this historical gem, and yet it also brings a challenge. Since 1880, we’ve had bright lights illuminate our sidewalks and roads to keep us safe and extend the day, but those artificial lights also block out the stars.

Every single human being until 1880 had the night sky glowing above them in a way most of us today will never experience. With all our technological advantages, digital resources, and light pollution, what are we missing? The Magi were watching the heavens when they saw the star of Bethlehem rising. Would we?

Fortunately, God finds ways to draw us near no matter what blinding lights or clanging noises might dull our senses. Like finding a dark, quiet place to gaze at the stars, we also have to step aside sometimes—away from the rush and the worries—to be with God.

Like the constellations, planets, and supernovae above the streetlights, God is always present. Though the brightness of midday blocks our view of the stars, neither our mistakes nor our sins can block out God or make him go away. Again, we’re grateful for these technologies, but we also need the quiet, the calm, and the stars as well. We need that time with God.

“They [the wisemen] were overjoyed at seeing the star.” Taking a quiet moment with God today, who knows what we’ll see or what joy we’ll find.


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