Anna (Bourbonnais) Hart ’17, ’19 M.Ed.
Communications Association
Global Center for the Development of the Whole Child

Before having my first child, I was doubtful whenever people told me how challenging the first few months with a newborn could be. Until my daughter was born in August, I imagined I would be a supermom who would thrive on a lack of sleep and laugh off every inopportune spit-up. I quickly learned that having a newborn is quite often uncomfortable and requires me to give to the point of sacrifice. This discomfort fades with the tiniest reward—like when my daughter smiles or goes a whole tummy time without crying.

In today’s gospel, Jesus calls us to give of ourselves to the point of discomfort. While the rich people gave more than the poor widow, they donated an inconsequential amount of what they had. They remained comfortable despite appearing generous. Conversely, the poor widow gave only a few pennies. So small in comparison, but it was her entire livelihood. She donated to the point of sacrifice. What was her reward?

The gospels do not call us to be comfortable. Frankly, the understanding of sacrifice can be quite uncomfortable! However, when we do give of ourselves and allow ourselves to sacrifice in service of Christ, it is then that we experience the greatest of rewards—Jesus’ beautiful and infinite promise of heaven.