Lucy Kapples ’20 M.Ed.

Being an elementary school teacher during a pandemic, I felt like I related to Bartimaeus’ situation. Presumptuously, I drew parallels between us. I believed I needed healing, guidance, and a sign like the ones God used to do in the Old Testament that would tell me if I was still on the right path. I focused on the misery of each day. I felt spiritually blinded by my worries.

“Ms. Kapples, you’re muted.”

“Ms. Kapples, I knocked over the iPad that has the Zoom.”

“Ms. Kapples, my mask broke.”

“Ms. Kapples, this word problem is impossible.”

The list of new challenges felt limitless, but one day I regained my spiritual sight when my 2nd graders were preparing to lead our school mass. I was helping them with the readings when I remembered Bartimaeus’s suffering was not meant to start a pity party. His physical and mental suffering demonstrates the strength of his faith. Whatever his circumstances, he never suffered from a lack of belief. It was unblemished and unshakable.

With all the parallels I had crafted between us, I had overlooked his striking acts of faith. He not only believed that Christ could heal him, but also that Christ would hear his call for help. Bartimaeus persisted even when crowds told him to be quiet. He didn’t allow anything to prevent him from reaching Jesus and being healed.

Can I say the same? Was my faith these past two years unshakeable?

Let us take Bartimaeus’ example into our own lives. Despite all the suffering we witness or experience, let it propel us towards Jesus. May our faith be a catalyst for action so that we may receive Christ’s healing.