Gabriella Huizar
ND Parent

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we have become familiar with increased hygienic measures that have become ingrained into our lives. Today’s passage sounds oddly familiar with constant reminders to wash one’s own hands, but we must consider this passage beyond a physical sense. Jesus explains that he is much more concerned about the impurities that come from within our minds and hearts.

As I reflect on this passage, I am reminded that deep down we all have our faults. Jesus details sins in the passage that are just as relevant today as they were long ago. The temptation to sin and its destructive nature are still a part of the human experience.

As a mother, I worry about how these moments of weakness in our hearts can permanently impact my children’s lives. These fears were realized when one of my sons, while socializing with friends, had a serious swimming accident that left him with a broken neck and temporary paralysis. While we dreaded that his condition would be permanent, we never stopped praying that God would bring some positive outcome from this tragedy. Astonishingly, my son recovered from his accident and was walking in the hospital in just two days! Even more amazing was that the surgeon who oversaw my son’s operation came back to his faith after witnessing my son’s miraculous healing.

I share this story because even when we have our moments of weakness, God can help us to become clean of heart once again and allow our lives to be a witness to others. May we open ourselves to God’s healing grace so that we can again make a home for Jesus in our hearts.