Lauren Caffarelli ’21

I’m immediately drawn to the contrast between resting and hastening in this gospel passage. Other bible translations say that the people ran after Jesus and his apostles. As a runner myself, I know the necessity for rest days while training for a big race, and I also can relate to the feeling of adrenaline pumping at the start of the race.

The apostles experienced the need to rest after teaching and performing works in Jesus’ name. Jesus invites the apostles to come away and rest with him. At the same time, a crowd saw Jesus and his apostles leaving on a boat and quickly followed after them, their excitement palpable. I imagine these people running just like many of my fellow classmates and I did onto the field after the victory over Clemson this past fall. I remember my heart racing and adrenaline pumping after witnessing a tremendous game.

What would it feel like to be able to balance running towards the Lord and pursuing truth at every moment while also stopping to rest with him when needed?

For me, I am inspired by the crowd in this passage because it seems they don’t have any distractions in their pursuit of Jesus. Often, I desire the truth God has to offer but am easily distracted by the world around me. I am also struck by how quickly Jesus drops everything to teach the crowd. Though he is showing his followers that resting with him is important, he sacrifices his own needs when he encounters so many who desire his presence and compassion. Like a tired runner helping another to finish a race, Jesus loves us enough to stay with us and teach us many things.