Thomas Cypher ‘87

Christmas is a season of great celebration. For many, it represents a time of  considerable happiness. It is a wonderful holiday for family, friends, and fellowship. Christmas is an opportunity for giving love and receiving joy.

During this season of giving and receiving, I reflect on the divine gifts which Jesus has given us, particularly his gifts of peace and salvation. Jesus says, “My peace I give you.” The peace Jesus gives is the perfect peace between him, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. I pray daily for Jesus’ perfect peace to fill my mind, body, and soul. I pray for his peace to be my constant companion. With many families at odds, I ask for the Lord’s peace to divinely protect and remain with mine.

I also reflect on Jesus’ divine gift of salvation. God the Son was born to save us from death–not physical, but spiritual death–which is eternal separation from God’s presence. Jesus left eternity to be with us, so that through his gift of salvation, we may enter eternity to be with him. What an amazing demonstration of God’s love.

For some, this Christmas may not be so joyful. They have lost a loved one, are unemployed, or are struggling with health. Remember that we have hope in Jesus. His birth reminds us that this is a season of new beginnings. Just as Mary trusted that “the power of The Most High” would overshadow her and conceive Jesus, we can trust that God’s power can overshadow any difficulty and work it for good. We can have faith that our heavenly Father uses our struggle to “birth” something new and holy in our life. Jesus is Emmanuel. He is “God with us”. If Jesus is with us, can anything be against us?