Matthew Cooper
ND Parent

As we celebrate All Saints Day, today’s gospel reading gives us the essential “how to” manual of sainthood. Most of us don’t really think about being saints ourselves; we think of saints as people who lived long ago and led lives very different from our own. But, in reality, the saints were all ordinary people, like us, who followed a call to holiness.

It might be an exaggeration to say that the saints were all like us. The saints were all very different people and we are all very different people. But there are so many saints from so many different walks of life, professions, and personalities that there are probably saints in the tradition who are actually pretty similar to each of us. One way that we start to realize this in the Catholic tradition is when we choose a confirmation name. We try to identify a saint we can relate to as a source of inspiration in our spiritual lives.

Today’s reading offers us a similar opportunity. Each of the beatitudes might call to mind a certain saint who exemplified an aspect of holiness. But each beatitude can also call us to the path of holiness that the saints themselves walked. Inspired by the saints, today can be a day to pick a beatitude and live it. Which beatitude will bring you a little closer to sainthood today?