Suzy Fodor LeSage ’95
ND Parent

By now Peter has witnessed Jesus of Nazareth’s parables, sermons, feeding of the multitudes, calming a great storm, and healings of the blind, withered, ill, and ashamed.

Still, Jesus prompts his followers to answer who others think he is. Opinions from many people have surfaced and spread: teacher, wayfarer, friend, exciting new prophet, son of Joseph, lunatic, supernatural healer, threat, revolutionary. These points of view even remain alive 2000 years later.

Only Peter’s answer, understood through the eyes of faith and revealed by God into Peter’s heart, describes the full Truth of who Jesus is.

“You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

Peter’s blockbuster, courageous confession acknowledges Jesus as Christ, and in hearing it Christ declares his Church with Peter as its foundation. Peter’s life-giving profession begins a web of connection for all of us.

For me, in this strange, unbalanced, divided year of 2020, following Jesus the Christ connects my life back to Peter, all Jesus’ followers, and all sinners and saints up and down the ages. Being a believer in Christ stretches me across physical and philosophical separateness right now. We can never be irreparably broken as families, as a country, or as a planet, as long as we remain focused, faithful and connected to one another though the Son of God and his promises.

Last week we dropped our firstborn, first-year Domer to the second floor of Fisher Hall. To my student, and all students in the Notre Dame community: put Jesus’ question before you, intentionally and particularly, during your precious years of studying and living together.

“Who do you say that I am?”

Surrounded by the community that this university offers, you have a unique opportunity to look and listen deeply into the life and being of Christ. He will transform you and the lives of those you encounter. He will provide you daily with hope, meaning and peace beyond circumstance, right now in 2020 and for all time.