Rylee Kenney
Director of Faith Formation, Sacred Heart Parish, Notre Dame

In my life thus far, my most significant moments of discernment have required big, life-style changes. I heeded God’s call to go to a new city for college, married my high school sweetheart after four years of long-distance, left a stable job for a new possibility, and then moved back to our hometown. So often, the command of Jesus is, “Go!” and I have grown over the years by answering, “Yes!”

In both the great commandment and after every Mass, we hear the call to go out and make disciples of all nations. This call to action resonates with me as I have found myself craving actionable responses and enjoying the satisfaction of motion as evidence that I am doing what God desires.

How jarring then to hear Jesus command the disciples in today’s gospel to stay put. What is the importance of waiting, of remaining still before leaping to the next change? It challenges me to rethink my tendency to measure my life of faith by my actions and that sometimes my yes to God might leave me exactly where I am.

After the energy and excitement of the resurrection, Jesus asks that his disciples stop and wait until the Holy Spirit comes to them at Pentecost. Jesus marks the importance of resting and being spiritually nourished, allowing him to prepare them before going out to all the world to baptize all nations.

I find it easy to go out to the world, to engage with my family, and love my neighbors, but today’s gospel reminds me I need to rethink how I approach my relationship with God. May we all slow down and wait so that we can be refreshed, renewed, and filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This, too, is answering God’s call.