It’s not easy being human. Our lives are inevitably touched by times of pain and suffering, and 2020 was a stark reminder that the challenges we face can sometimes feel overwhelming. Faith can feel insufficient in these moments, and I admit that my own faith has been shaken by this past year. Today’s gospel passage reminds us that even in these dark moments when God may feel absent, His love for us is enduring.

The Transfiguration reveals Jesus’s fully divine nature, exemplified by his dazzling white robes and the presence of Moses and Elijah. The terrified disciples hear a voice from the heavens speak, “This is my beloved son. Listen to him.” Jesus’s glory on the mountaintop will give way to His suffering on the hill. God’s divine love as shown at the Transfiguration does not waiver even in the darkness of Calvary, and Jesus is raised from the dead.

We all face struggles in our lives, such as the loss of a loved one or a significant illness. It’s understandable if God feels absent during these times. Much like the Transfiguration, however, God’s love for us is unshakeable. Faith allows us to abide in His love and trust that God will help us overcome the challenges that we face. In these moments and throughout our Lenten journey, I hope we hear God speak to each of us, “This is my beloved child.”


Chris Ricciardi
Assistant Director, J.D. Power Center for Liberal Arts in the World