One year ago today, our Holy Cross campus community was evacuated as thousands of students, faculty and staff prepared to finish the semester remotely. People all over the world were afraid, confused, sad and uncertain about what was next. Why? Because we were faced with unfamiliar circumstances that challenged us and made us feel like everything was out of our control.


Today’s readings serve as an excellent reminder of the unconditional love that God has for us. Further, we’re reminded of His unconditional loyalty. Even as God watched His people turning their backs on Him and subscribing to the ways of the secular world, His response was to bless them. If we know that our God will take care of us even when we sin, why then do we worry so much when we fall upon hard times? None of us like to feel unable to control our situations, but the Lord is faithful! Not only does He love us unconditionally, we’ve been promised eternal life in Him if we just believe and trust in Him.


Not one of us can control every single thing that happens in our lives, but what we can do is make an intentional choice to trust God through it all.


Hannah Baker ‘21