We received the following from Cardinal Sean O’Malley, who has determined that Holy Rosary Church can be used for non-sacred purposes.

Decree Relegating A Church Building To Profane Use In nomine Domini.  Amen
Having  received  a thorough  study regarding  Holy  Rosary  Church  in  Winthrop, Massachusetts,  which  was completed  by  the  Pastor of  Saint Michael  the  Archangel Parish  in  Winthrop, Massachusetts, Reverend  Christopher  K. O’Connor, following consultation of the members of the parish, including those who formerly participated in sacred worship  at  the  former  Holy  Rosary  Parish;  and  with  the concurrence of Very Reverend James J. Ronan, V.F., Vicar Forane; and with the concurrence of Very Reverend Brian J. McHugh, V.E., Episcopal Vicar for the Central Region of the  Archdiocese  of  Boston,  regarding  the  pastoral  and spiritual good of the faithful and the mission of the Catholic Church  in  the  town  of Winthrop,  Massachusetts  and  the Archdiocese of Boston; and having carefully considered the present condition of the  church  since  the  merger  of  Holy  Rosary  Parish  with  Saint John the Evangelist Parish, also located in Winthrop, forming the new Parish of Saint Michael the Archangel on  February 1, 2021, and having heard the opinions of financial experts regarding the costs for preserving and maintaining the building for future use; Having  heard  the  Director  of  Clergy  Personnel regarding  available  ministerial  personnel  and  the Archdiocesan  Chancellor  and  Finance Officer  regarding Archdiocesan assets and possible other sources of revenue that might be used for maintaining the church; Having presented  all  this  information  to  the Archdiocesan Presbyteral  Council on  June  9,  2022  and having heard the Council regarding the relegation of Holy Rosary Church to profane but not sordid use, in accord with the norm of  law (cf.cc.127 #1; 166; 1222#2); I hereby decree, in accord with canon 1222#2 of the Code  of Canon  Law,  that Holy  Rosary  Church  of  Saint Michael the Archangel  Parish  in  Winthrop, Massachusetts be relegated to profane but not sordid use.