We invite parishioners to play a role in choosing the new parish name and are asking for your input with this exciting next step. Be assured that the names of our churches, St. John The Evangelist, Holy Rosary and Our Lady of the Airways will remain unchanged. This new name is to refer to our parish, not the church we attend. Please keep the guidelines below in mind.
The new parish name must be:
• A recognized title of the Blessed Trinity; or
• A mystery in the life of Jesus Christ; or
• A title of Jesus Christ already accepted in the liturgy; or
• A title for the Blessed Mother already accepted in the liturgy; or • A title of the Holy Spirit already accepted in the liturgy; or
• The name of one of the archangels; or
• The name of a canonized saint
The new name should not be:
• The name of one of the current churches (Holy Rosary or St. John the Evangelist)
• The name of a parish within a seven-mile radius
Here’s how you can help:
-When you submit your suggestion, please include a brief explanation of why you think the new parish name would represent our parish well.
-Parishioners can either email their suggestion to onecatholicwinthrop@gmail.com or drop it off at the Rectory through the mail slot from now until the deadline of December 21st.
On the weekend of January 2 and 3, all those attending Mass will be asked to vote on the suggested names. Voting will also take place online. The 3 largest vote-getters will be sent to Cardinal O’Malley for him to select the new name of our parish.
Thank you for your thoughtful input and support.