Dear Friends,

We hope this letter finds you well and enjoying summertime.

As we move forward from the pandemic, we are looking ahead to the future of our church. We have a new vision concerning our school building: we are planning to locate a parish center inside. Having a centralized place from which to run our church business and our religious education program will be beneficial to our parish. This will require renovations to the current building.

In order to finance this exciting new step, we must raise the capital to cover the costs involved.

We have come up with a lighthearted and enjoyable way to undertake such a considerable goal: a raffle fundraiser. We’re calling it the “Show Your L❤️ve” Fundraiser because we hope you will consider showing your love for St. John’s by participating, if you’re able, and because it will culminate on Valentine’s Day 2021.

Our fundraiser will work this way:

❤️ Raffle tickets cost $250.

❤️ Every 14th day of the month, from September 14, 2020 to Valentine’s Day 2021, a $300 cash prize will be drawn.

❤️ Our $2,000 Grand Prize will be drawn on Valentine’s Day 2021, as well as the final monthly $300 cash prize.

❤️ You have 7 chances to win. Each winning ticket is thrown back in the pot and is eligible every month.

❤️ No more than 60 tickets will be sold.

❤️ The deadline to buy your ticket(s) is August 31st. They can be purchased after Mass or by calling the Rectory (617-846-7400). Please make checks payable to St. John the Evangelist Church.

Some parishioners may enjoy splitting the cost of a ticket with family or a friend to make participating more affordable. If you’re not able to join in, spreading the word is another way to “show your love” and we would be very grateful for that help as well.

After the tough months we’ve seen this year, why not undertake a new project with the “gladness of heart” and happy anticipation that a raffle can create? We thank you for your consideration and participation. Good luck to one and all!