Buona Domenica!

An invitation for you to join us at one of our two listening sessions. The purpose of these meetings is to hear directly from you on what is going well, what might need improvement, and what needs to be done. What are your likes and dislikes? How do we make our parish family stronger and more vibrant? The former mayor of New York, Ed Koch, used to always say: “How am I doing?” These meetings will allow us as a parish family to reflect on how St. John’s is doing.

I have already begun to remind myself that a listening session is just that  a listening session. It’s a time for me and the staff to be quiet and to LISTEN! It is not the time for us to respond or to prioritize. Many eyes and hands make light work. You may be seeing something that needs to be done that the rest of us are missing. Two meetings are scheduled. Please join us either Sunday, February 23rd from 10:45am  11:45am (this time frame will allow for the 10:00am Mass crowd and the 12:00pm Mass crowd to join us) or Thursday, March 5th at 7:00pm. Both meetings will take place in the lower church hall. I have asked the parish staff to be available at these meetings if at all possible.

The format will be an open meeting. Any one who would like to speak will be welcome. Notes will be taken and it will be the work of the parish staff and the future parish pastoral council to respond to the suggestions and concerns. At the conclusion of the meeting, I will offer a few ideas on things upcoming.

Your patience is key in all of this as I am asking you to dream big. I am cognizant as I write this that there is still a stain on a parish rug that a parishioner pointed out months ago and how another parishioner showed me a dark hallway which requires a light fixture. The Bad News: neither has been addressed yet. The Good News: they are still on my radar. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Happy Sunday!

Fr. Chris