St. John the Evangelist –Winthrop and Covid 19


First Holy Communion: Currently the Parish is in a holding pattern with regards to  not scheduling two or three First Holy Communion Masses. The main reason is because of the large number of children in our parish program. (Other Parishes in the Archdiocese have celebrated First Holy Communions but with much smaller numbers.) The large numbers in our program prohibit two or three First Communions.


So what options exist?


Option 1: Wait for the lessening of Covid 19 restrictions and participate in the yet to be scheduled First Holy Communion Masses with the other children in the program sometime this fall. This will involve the usual procession with children lectoring etc.


Option 2: select a Saturday or Sunday Mass and email Fr. Chris at: for your child to receive First Holy Communion. A bench would be reserved up front for the parents and child.  The child would be welcome to wear their First Communion dress or suit. The date will not be confirmed until you hear back that you have reserved the mass. The parish has a Saturday 4pm mass, and Sunday 8am, 10am, and 12pm. Parents pick the particular mass and date. (If space permits the 1st Communicant might be invited to participate in Option 1 as well.)


Option 3: Email and let him know that you are interested in being grouped with several other families for a mass on a Saturday in the coming weeks. The mass would be scheduled sometime between 10am-2pm. Several of these masses with different dates could occur. Children would be invited to wear their dress or suit. (If space permits the First Communicant might be invited to participate in the yet to be scheduled Option1).


Sacrament of Confirmation: The Sacrament of Confirmation has not been scheduled yet but will be for the Fall.


Any questions or concerns please email