There are three options to register:
In-person on Sunday, October 4 in the school cafeteria (use side entrance) from 9:00 am-1:30 pm.
Drop-off at Rectory anytime up to October 23. Put completed form with payment (checks preferred) into a sealed envelope, mark it “Faith Formation” and drop it into the mail slot that is located in the outer vestibule of the Rectory (white building next to the Church on Winthrop Street).
Mail form and check to St. John’s Faith Formation, 320 Winthrop Street, Winthrop, MA 02152. Forms must be received by October 23.
With the exception of October 4, the school building will not be open for registration.
The majority of classes for all grades will be online. Some lessons will be done independently by students and parents at home, while others will involve working with a teacher via Zoom.  Each student must register for a specific, scheduled Zoom class. Click here to download the registration form and schedule.
St. John’s will offer up to three live sessions for each grade in the Church according to MA and Archdiocese of Boston safety guidelines. These will be scheduled during regular class times.
2020-2021 Reg Form
2020-2021 Faith Formation Schedule Gr 1-8

Graceanne Bowe

Director of Faith Formation, Gr. 1-6
St. John the Evangelist Parish