Dear parishioners, I want to share a Mexican devotion to the Blessed Mother called El Manto de Maria and invite you to participate in a virtual retreat. To learn more please refer to this paperback book, Mary’s Mantle Consecration, for a more detailed description.

From the forward of the book:

“There is an ancient tradition in Mexico called El Manto de Maria….. Faithful people, poor, humble, and in love with Our Lady, would invite 46 individuals and families to participate in praying the Rosary in each other’s homes. They chose 46 because that is the number of stars on the cloak, or mantle, of the supernatural image of Our Lady of Guadalupe……Starting on October 28, the feast of St. Jude, those who accepted the invitation gathered at the first home in the evening…. All present prayed a Rosary….. On day two everyone travelled to the next household and this continued until the last home was visited on the 46th day, December 12, the Feast of our Lady of Guadalupe. Gradually, this sacred tradition was adopted by pastors throughout Mexico, who announced El Manto de Maria at Mass, encouraging parishioners to participate in the devotion. The inspiration for Mary’s Mantle Consecration comes from this beautiful devotion.”

The author of the book goes on to write, “Seeing that this devotion evoked such a powerful response from heaven, I wanted to offer this unique and intimate spiritual retreat to a broader world.  I also wanted those who would make this consecration to have a more than short description of the virtues to contemplate each day. The four spiritual practices of Mary’s Mantle Consecration are: 1) The Rosary, 2) Fasting, 3) Contemplation of Virtues and the Seven Gifts of The Holy Spirit and 4) Consecration to Mary.”

This is truly a “work in progress” that will unfold based on your response. Our goal is to launch this on October 28 so your early reply is greatly appreciated. I would like to meet daily via Zoom for 45 days at an agreed upon time, read the reflection and pray the rosary. With enough participants we could conclude this retreat with a Mass. Let me know your interest as soon as possible at

In Christ,

Christina Merlino