Our beautiful “Giving Tree” is now in the front of the Church. We would like to encourage all those who are able to help brighten Christmas for others. We welcome all that can participate in this venture.
Placed on the tree are a number of paper ornaments on which will be written a specific item that has been requested. Each ornament is prepared in duplicate and tied together before being placed on the tree. If you would like to help, we ask that:
You choose an item that you would like to donate and remove the two corresponding attached ornaments from the tree. One paper ornament you will take with you to place on the outside of your package. This will enable us to know the contents of the gifts when they are returned, wrapped or in a gift bag, to the Church and will help us in getting the gift to the correct family.
We ask that on the second ornament you print your name and address and place it in the basket next to the tree.
Please bring the gift, wrapped and labeled with the ornament, back to the tree by Sunday, December 16th